Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cypher: An AI program

Cypher is an AI program that generates the .rdf (RDF graph) and .serql (SeRQL query) representations of plain language input, allowing users to speak plain language to update and query databases. With robust definition languages, Cypher's grammar and lexicon can quickly and easily be extended to process highly complex sentences and phrases of any natural language, and can cover any vocabulary. Equipped with Cypher, programmers can begin building next generation semantic Web applications that harness natural language.

Console (Text Based)
[Intended Audience]
Developers, End Users/Desktop, Other Audience, Quality Engineers
Free for non-commercial use
[Operating System]
OS Independent
[Programming Language]
Communications :: Chat, Scientific/Engineering :: Artificial Intelligence, Text Processing, Text Processing :: Linguistic, Text Processing :: Markup :: XML

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