Thursday, October 15, 2009

ICeHRM : A free and open source web based Human Resource Management system

ICeHRM is a free and open source web based Human Resource Management system developed targeting small and medium sized companies to restructure their HRM process around it.

With a rich AJAX user interface, ICeHRM gives the user an experience similar to using a desktop application.

Features include:

  • Administration
    • Define: departments, job titles, pay grades, education information and other master data
  • Employee Information management - contains information about employee
  • Leave Management - allows HR Managers to define leave types, leave quota for each employee, working days and special holidays
  • Attendance and Time Tracking - allows HR Managers and Supervisors to monitor punch in/out times for employees and manage timesheets. Employees can use this module to submit daily punch in/out times and timesheets
  • Timesheet submission
  • Punch In/Out time submission
  • Store project and customer information
  • Store employee pictures
  • Automated installation
System Requirements : MySql 1.5, Tomcat 5.5.x or 6.x, Java Runtime Enviroment 1.5
License : GNU GPL v3


Andi said...

To play the role of HR, web based recruitment software, play a very important role dramatically reduce the time you spend on search and administration. Thanks

ranjini said...

This is very useful to me...

Timesheet Management Application