Monday, January 21, 2008

123 Flash Chat Server: A chat server with a Flash chat client

123 Flash Chat Server is a chat server with a Flash chat client. It can seamlessly integrate the external user databases of Joomla!, Drupal, phpBB, php-Nuke, Postnuke, vbulletin, and Invision board. It's a fast, easy, and affordable method of managing real-time chat rooms. It allows a site owner to organize chat events in dating sites and online meetings reliably. The interface and function are customizable. A video chat function is optionally available.

MacOS X, Other Environment, Web Environment
[Intended Audience]
System Administrators
Free To Use But Restricted, Freely Distributable, Shareware
[Operating System]
Microsoft :: Windows :: Windows 95/98/ME
[Programming Language]
Communications, Communications :: Chat, Communications :: Chat :: Unix Talk, Communications :: Conferencing, Education, Information Management :: Workflow Frameworks, Internet, Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Site Management, Office/Business, Office/Business :: Groupware

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