Sunday, November 19, 2006

ICEfaces : An integrated Ajax application framework

ICEfaces is an integrated Ajax application framework that enables Java EE application developers to easily create and deploy thin-client rich Internet applications (RIA) in pure Java. ICEfaces is a fully featured product that enterprise developers can use to develop new or existing Java EE applications at no cost.

ICEfaces is the only RIA framework on the market today that delivers unique Ajax Push capabilities. Discover the power of Ajax Push and create collaborative and dynamic enterprise applications like never before.

ICEfaces leverages the entire standards-based Java EE ecosystem of tools and execution environments. Rich enterprise application features are developed in pure Java, and in a pure thin-client model. There are no Applets or proprietary browser plug-ins required. ICEfaces applications are JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications, so Java EE application development skills apply directly and Java developers are isolated from doing any JavaScript related development.

Product Benefits

The benefits of using ICEfaces to enrich enterprise web applications are numerous:

  • Create a superior user experience and produce more effective enterprise Java EE applications
  • Discover the unique power of Ajax Push
  • Stay Java EE standards-compliant, develop in Java, not JavaScript
  • Deploy securely across clustered servers
  • Minimize total cost of ownership with Thin Client Ajax
  • Transform the user experience

RIA Solution for SOA

Rich User Experience

Create a new class of collaborative and dynamic enterprise applications. Unleash the unique power of Ajax Push Technology to deliver server-initiated, instantaneous presentation updates. Easily migrate existing JSP-based and traditional client-server applications to RIAs.


Develop and deploy scalable RIAs in pure Java using an integrated Ajax framework complete with rich JSF-based components. Harness the power of Ajax and leverage the entire standards-based Java EE ecosystem of familiar tools and runtime environments.

Performance, Scale and Security

Deploy rich enterprise applications with advanced Ajax connection management for maximum application reliability. Seamlessly scale applications across clustered Java EE servers. Extend the existing web security model and avoid transferring sensitive business logic and data to the client browser.

To review the supported Tools, Application Servers, and Browsers click here .

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