Thursday, September 28, 2006

Webswell Connect : An e-business integration framework based on the ebXML standard

Webswell Connect is an e-business integration framework based on the ebXML standard. It allows easy, interactive and user-friendly installation. It consists of an ebXML registry/repository server and client, a messaging system for secure and reliable messaging and user interface similar to popular email clients for sending/handling ebXML messages. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, and email communication while keeping it safe and reliable by implementing digital signatures, encryption, acknowledgment mechanisms, duplication elimination, etc.

[Environment] Console (Text Based), No Input/Output (Daemon)
[Intended Audience] Advanced End Users, Developers
[License] OSI Approved :: Academic Free License (AFL), OSI Approved :: GNU General Public License (GPL)
[Operating System] POSIX :: Linux
[Programming Language] Java
[Topic] Information Management :: Document Repositories, Information Management :: Metadata/Semantic Models, Information Management :: Workflow Frameworks, Internet :: WWW/HTTP, Office/Business, Security :: Cryptography, Text Processing :: Markup :: XML

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