Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CDnavigator : An application that files your CDs and DVDs in a database

CDnavigator is an application that files your CDs and DVDs in a database. It also deposits information about photos (JPEG), music (MP3), and films stored in such media. You can also store other metadata such as notes and ratings. You can search over all items and save the choices. CDnavigator supports an automatic cache that saves the most frequently used data on hard disk. Photos can be viewed directly in the application. It can download new photos from a camera, sort them into albums, and prepare them for burning on CD.

[Environment] X11 Applications
[Intended Audience] End Users/Desktop
[License] OSI Approved :: GNU General Public License (GPL)
[Operating System] POSIX :: Linux
[Programming Language] Java
[Topic] Multimedia, Multimedia :: Graphics, Multimedia :: Graphics :: Viewers, Multimedia :: Sound/Audio, Multimedia :: Sound/Audio :: Players

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