Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shotoku: Content management framework, developed at JBoss labs.

Shotoku is designed to provide easy access to content repositories in which you can store data and bind metadata. The current implementation is based on a Subversion repository with a local working copy.
Here are some of the currently implemented features:

  • Because a local working copy is present, data reading is very fast.
  • Data writing is reliable, because data is sent straight to the repository, without touching the working copy.
  • Shotoku can work in "embedded" mode in stand-alone applications, as well as a component in an application server.
  • Shotoku allows you to "inject" content into any POJO using annotations (currently supported only in app server mode). POJOs which are Shotoku aware are automatically updated when a user updates a node in a Subversion repository Shotoku is configured to reference. Content can be anything and there are no structural requirements placed on the repository - even existing Subversion repositories can be referenced by Shotoku without modification.
  • A simple search mechanizm.
  • Integeration with Apache Velocity - you can easily store tamplates in Shotoku.

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