Tuesday, October 25, 2005

WidgetServer: A Java/XML server-side GUI-framework

WidgetServer is a Java/XML server-side GUI-framework which enables an application to run as either a monolithic Swing app, a client/server Swing app, or as a Web app without any change and without loss of functionality. A rich widget set is supported that includes tree views, tabbed panes, split panels, and much more. A unified widget-based, object-oriented programming interface for Web and Swing GUIs is offered to the developer to control and assemble the GUI. Web applications are fully AJAX enabled. For Swing client/server applications, the framework handles client/server communication, including compression and security layers. A GUI builder is included.

Web Environment, Win32 (MS Windows)
[Intended Audience]
Freeware, OSI Approved :: Common Public License
[Operating System]
OS Independent
[Programming Language]
Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content, Software Development :: Libraries :: Application Frameworks, Software Development :: Libraries :: Java Libraries, Software Development :: User Interfaces, Software Development :: Widget Sets

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